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5 Kitchen Design Trends Popularised by Lockdown

modern kitchen design trends

In learning to work from home this past year, we’ve also learnt a lot about our kitchens. Much like we have, our kitchens have had to adapt. From offices to classrooms, and back again, our kitchens have done it all! And we’ve uncovered the kitchen design trends that have helped make all the difference.     Here […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Knock Down the Wall Between Your Kitchen and Dining Room

a modern kitchen

Thinking of removing a wall between kitchen and dining room? We think that’s a great idea… The trend of knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room has been on the rise for years. And that has only increased since the pandemic! It makes sense when you think about it, as it’s been […]

6 clever tips for organising your tiny kitchen

kitchen items on the worktop

Wondering how to organise a small kitchen? I’ve written many blogs (see at the end of this piece) about maximising the space that you have and how to make your kitchen look bigger and more open because I have a small kitchen myself. This means that I know first hand how easy a small kitchen […]

Why choose a local independent kitchen retailer over a national chain?

a chopping board with a logo on it

While the pandemic has caused chaos around the world and put many business owners out of business, this isn’t a post meant to plead with you to ‘shop local.’ This is a post showing you the benefits of choosing a local independent kitchen retailer over a national chain. We’ve had so many clients come to […]

10 of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles

modern kitchen with interesting kitchen cabinet door styles

With so many decisions to be made when designing or renovating a kitchen, cabinet fronts seem to take a back seat. Maybe this is just crazy to me since I am a kitchen designer, but I think that they should be one of your biggest considerations! Think about it. Cabinets take up the majority of […]